Windows 8 – overlap2d not working (white screen) March 16, 2015

Hi, many of you reported that Ovelrlap2D is not running on your Windows 8 machines, and I was already downloading today the OS, in order to figure this out, but then got email from Joshua McNeil who figured this all out!

So to the point, the problem is, it appears Windows 8 does not have opengl 2.0 and is using opengl 1.1 instead. and well Overlap2D uses libGDX, and requires opengl 2.0 ( I will add a proper error message )

Unfortunately it is not an easy fix for you, it kinda depends on what video card you have, you have to google for driver so it will have opengl2.0 on windows 8. Thank you Microsoft.

Here are some links:


Let me know if this helps! And again, thanks to Joshua, for finding this for us!