What is going on right now, and why is it so cool! April 22, 2015

Time for a small update on what is going on right now, and what is coming up next very soon.

We’ve been hard working on things we thought are mandatory before we move any forward, so here is the list of things we are nearing the completion and that are going to be pushed soon.

Total Re-factoring in favor of MVC pattern

Yes, there is a branch somewhere in githubs, And what we did, is fully re-factored the hell out of overlap2d in favor of model view controller system. And it works so much better now. It will make future code developments much easier, and I regret not choosing this path at the beginning when we were just starting, but it is never late. Things are better structured, and ready for big features. We plan to be done with this in a week, and I am a bit resistant to merge existing pull requests you guys will do till then, because it will create pretty much unsolvable code conflicts at this moment.
Btw, big thanks goes to @saqsun for making it all happen.

UI facelift and switching the UI to widgets


When we started first it was a cool idea to use overlap2d itself to create it’s own UI and toolbars. But we are realizing how in game ui and software ui is very different in it’s core. With overlap2d future UI systems we want to choose a very different unique path that will in my opinion soon become the better way of doing it for games.
Meanwhile for software UI, I think layout system is the best way to go, so we will be switching (and are already done switching in the mvc branch) o2d outer shell and toolbars to classic libgdx layout.
Recently we found this: It’s a library built on top of libGDX widgets system, and is amazing. (It is created by @kotcrab – very talented guy, he also has an editor for it, so check it out, it’s pretty neat)
And we thought it is great to use this for our toolbars and such.

With having such a flexible outer shell, we are also checking entire look and feel to more professional one, so thing is going to look good. And for me, it is very important when things look good. It creates the right working environment for this who will use it.

New runtime with entity framework

Yes, we are going to get a brand new runtime soon. The one that is build not only on top of libGDX but also on Ashley. So this in favor of entity frameworks – rise your hands! :) Plus it will be a lot better runtime in many sense, because we learned a lot from previous one. For some time we are going to keep both runtimes, old and new, to make sure you guys have a choice, and don’t have “transition” issues. The ashley runtime is not yet ready, but @gevorg-kopalyan is working on it, and I’ve seen it run, and it was awesome!

Where are we standing now?
All of the above is almost done, and is more in testing finalizing stage. So the wait is not going to be long. And we are going to jump in version numbers a bit, for this occasion when things are done.

So as you can see, because so much is going on I am a little bit passive on fixing existing bugs from issue tracker. But, we’ll get back to it.

Thoughts? Please do share!

  • kutoman

    let me explain it in one word: AMAZING! (:D I really was guessing that something really big is going on behind the scenes since activity got less visible on github)

    • colbys

      I second this..

  • alexpfb

    Why don’t you make the UI part of Overlap2D in Java/Swing and use libgdx only when is needed?

    • Avetis Zakharyan

      Well, because a) swing is old and terrible b) switching between 2 threads of swing and graphics of libgdx will results in terrible architecture, c) on osx lot’s of CPU issues when combine with libgdx. You can take a look at Spine, it is done the same way, and works just great.

      • alexpfb

        if will be equals to Spine, it will be cool. so continue on that path

  • alexpfb

    Besides, Overlap2D is fantastic!

  • eumario

    This is why I haven’t been making any commits. When I saw the MVC branch that you were working on, I decided to hold off on any improvements till you gotten everything sorted out to be pushed to public use repository.

  • William Morrison

    The new UI is looking great. I’d suggest making the search textarea for assets collapsible. Also tooltips displaying the names of the assts would be nice. Can’t wait for the new version!