Runtimes Documentation

What is Overlap2D Runtime

Overlap2D runtime, is a library written i specific language, most probably on top of a specific framework/engine, with a purpose to load, render and provide navigation api for the content data exported by the Overlap2D Editor.

When you export O2D project, a folder structure of assets is created that includes, resources such as images or animations, and .dt files that contain JSON description of your in-game scenes.

At this moment your data is completely engine/framework/language agnostic. And you get to choose what to develop you game on. Once you made your choice, you need to get an appropriate runtime for that language and use it on order to make sense of exported data in the context of your environment.

Currently Supported Runtimes

Currently Overlap2D has only two runtimes that work – LibGDX Runtime, and HaxeFlixel Runtime. And surely more are coming soon. If runtime for language of your choice is not yet in this list, you are very welcome to help us create it.

Runtime Comparison Chart

Coming soon.


Here is the complete list of runtimes, and where to look for their individual documentation.

LibGDX Runtime Help

Runtimes Documentation

Video Tutorials:


  • Physics based platformer tutorial series.

Some additional documentation can be found on github repo wiki of the runtime

Surely in time I will make this more centralized.

HaxeFlixel Runtime Help


Most complete documentation on our HaxeFlixel runtime can be found on it’s github repo wiki.