Overlap2D – v0.1.0 – Release Candidate is finally ready July 17, 2015

It’s been a LONG LONG ride. But we finally pushed latest version of overlap2D into the githubs.

Jumping from 0.0.8 directly to 0.1.0 this is a big update. You can call it a complete source rewrite of sorts.

This version is not officially a release so if you are making a game do not use it, because the corresponding runtime is not pushed to maven yet.

At this point my hope is to get as much testing and bugfixing done as possible from our awesome community. And when we feel it’s stable, I mark it as a release and move forward!

Main highlights of this version:

Let me know what you guys think, and PLEASE, help us out:

  • Geoffrey Mégardon

    This is excellent news!
    You may want to explain a bit more the new features and what they bring. For example, I am not sure I understand what is the editor new runtime based on Ashley entity framework, and what is the replacement of the physics editor. Even if that sounds great :P !

    That said, thank you for your work and to all the contributors! I’m gonna try it now!

  • Quas94

    Keen to test out this new version for sure!