How do I release the new runtime? July 23, 2015

So.. I am trying to start moving toward releasing the new runtime. But you see it’s not like a one swipe motion, and here is why:

1) There is this OLD Editor version 0.0.7 that is super old and bad, and there this NEW Editor 0.1.0 That is completley different and re-written, and it’s good, but might have some stupid glitches.

2) Front page features both editors, old one as “stable” new one as “latest build” so I imagine people download them 50%/50%

3) Now there is also old runtime (0.0.9) that is currently latest master on githubs and new runtime (0.1.1) that is not on githubs but is in maven as a snapshot…

4) Old runtime only works with files generated by old editor, and new runtime only works with files generated by new editor.

Now you probably already feel the nightmare that is.

But there is more.

5) Old runtime is a piece of crap. It build an entire game using actors and stage that is made for UI, and so it is super slow and wrong, and limited.

6) But the new runtime is NEW. problem of it being, it’s untested, and even more it lacks some obvious functionality like – putting click listeners on things.

7) Entire documentation on the website is made for old runtime, so that all has to be ditched or upgraded, and then I need to make a one big tutorial for new runtime.

8) There are also some awesome videos, well that one I cannot edit. I should make new ones. probably delete old ones to avoid confusing?

Now my question is. Given this super complex task. How do I switch the old rutnime to new runtime, and avoid people being confused all over the place?
Please help with your wise word!

  • 3mpty

    I think that you should check how it was done with other, very popular tools. For example Dagger and Dagger2. Yo can change name of project (radical) or change major number to 2.x.x, and release old one as 1.0.0 with few hot fixes.

  • bob smith

    Forget all the old stuff. Whoever made games based on 0.0.7 cannot complain about it being deprecated. They will have to adapt. You aren’t even at a 1.0 release. Seriously just focus on the new stuff..dont worry about the old version or backwards compatibility. I watched the video, read the tutorial, and downloaded many versions of the library and the runtime and finally just gave up because I couldnt get anything to work. I really want to use this software but I just don’t know how. For the record I tried 0.1.0 for both the runtime and the library and got errors when loading the example scene.

    Also why would 0.1.1 be in maven but not in the github repo? It sounds like you arent doing development directly on github. Nobody is gonna want to contribute if you are doing private branches then pushing later on.

    All I want right now is for you to post a zip file that has the runtime jar, the library jar, dependencies, a sample libgdx project that loads a simple scene, and graphical resources that all work together.

    You are doing great work and I believe you are addressing a critical need for libgdx that is preventing that library from exploding in growth.

    • Avetis Zakharyan

      Hi bob, thanks a lot for the feedback! As you can see I heard what you guys are saying, and both the runtime and the editor are released without caring about the previous one (I made one big page with all the old stuff and moved on) So at this point we have. 1) super short tutorial on new runtime 2) new runtime in both maven and github 3) new editor featured on first page as jar. We also have tons of bugs reported since last few days. So if something doesnot work for you, it would be awesome if you can report that in the issue tracker on the github, so we can fix that as well.

      As for why i was in maven and not github – I just needed few fixes before putting it to the master branch (as master branch supposed to work) and I put it to maven so other can quick test it. At moment it seemed reasonable.

  • Thinh Nguyen

    I’m using your old Editor (v0.8.0) and runtime to develope a game and it’s about 60% done. But i’m happy and very willingly to change to the new released editor and new runtime (i do a quick check and i know it means i will have to rewrite all my current project). As @disqus_mHYGmPMjHw:disqus said, please don’t worry about the old things any more and focus on the new one – which you know it’s much better. Keep up the good work.

    p/s: As first glance, your new editor is super cool and things work well (it can load old o2d project without any problems).

    • Avetis Zakharyan

      Thanks a lot for the feedback. I shared a link to first SUPER short tutorial for new runtime, but that’ll do for several days till I make a better one.

  • I think you should state very clearly what works with what and change the major version so it becomes clear that things are not backwards compatible.

    You may not want to release a stable build of the new version until it reaches feature parity with the old one and it’s also been better tested.

    We still may want to discuss design decisions on the new runtime, so it may be prone to change, the API may not be very mature.

    Just an opinion.

    • Avetis Zakharyan

      Hi David. Have you had chance to take a look at it? would be great to discuss the API, and made necessary changes as soon as possible, to have a solid base to build upon.

      • Avetis Zakharyan

        I also need to start making tutorials soon, so would be great to have a more or less final api/design.

      • Just sent you an email! :-)

  • cherry_eater

    This is what I would do: Forget about the old stuff and work on the new runtime/editor. Make clear in all tutorials which version are the for.
    Finally, when you have created more material for the new runtime and you feel more confident about it, you should prioritize it for downloading. But push forward, and time will take care of everything for you!.