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    Overlap2D v0.1.0 – Release Candidate is out to the githubs, meaning all codes are pushed and merged.

    Check this out for more details:
    Contributing Guidelines

    Discuss here in this topic!


    Thank you for this, I immediately went to experience it.


    Thanks for the hard work on o2d!
    Anyone got 0.1.0 RC running under linux?
    Tried on Fedora 21 with Oracle java 1.8 with no luck.
    Splash screen ok then a white full screen but then it seems to hang. No logs nor stacktraces…



    others too have same issue on linux. But I can’t debug as I do not have linux machine.
    maybe you can debug, when running from sources.



    Ok, the “white window” is related to the splash.
    If I remove the splash it goes better. I guess some resource isn’t released in the kill method.

    Work around (not fixing root cause):

    With that at place it crashed due to me not having a .fonts directory in user home dir.
    After adding the directory o2d started and I could load the example project! :)

    Crashed again when trying to add a label. Probably due to no fonts (my .fonts directory is empty).

    Another note, I have a hires laptop, 3200×1800 on a 13 inch screen. The gui-text is completely unusable at that kind of resolution, on my system anyway.


    Hey, thanks for the hard work and I’m finding Overlap to be a great tool!

    Is there an ETA for the runtime to be released? Watching my scenes in action is something I’m really interested in, and I think releasing a runtime (even if it’s buggy) would motivate people further.

    Also, the ‘Edit Physics’ and ‘Set Grid Size’ options in the right-click menu don’t appear to do anything. Is this intended?

    To add physics settings, we must use “Add additional components -> Physics Component”, yes?

    I can’t seem to figure out how to add a mesh, though. Is it polygon component?

    Some other minor things:
    – File menu separator is completely transparent, which isn’t great for the menu’s readability
    – The select, resize, label and light buttons on the far left toolbar should have tooltips (what’s the very bottom tool?)


    I found in the 0.1.0 RC3 an annoying bug. In properties of an object, every time I select the object, Position, Heght and Width Variables are constantly changed for the value I entered but with comma and two zeros followed (I put 0, the editor puts 0,00) and the editor itself mark its as error (see images atached). So every time I modify an atribute in Properties I need to reenter every value in that window.


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    I just added this to issue tracker, you can watch the process here:

    Thanks for reporting.


    Nice looking editor so far!

    What I’ve noticed is that when you try to edit a composite (e.g. the clound and the rain animation) and then click on the cloud the editor crashes.



    Thanks for reporting this! I have added it to the issue tracker: https://github.com/UnderwaterApps/overlap2d/issues/120

    and fixed: https://github.com/UnderwaterApps/overlap2d/pull/121

    you can download latest fixed jar here: http://overlap2d.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/o2d-0.1.1-SNAPSHOT.zip


    Could you please provide us a simple tutorial (or sample project) about how to use the new runtime ? I try rewriting my current o2d project with the new runtime and i’m kinda confused right now.



    New Editor is Awesome..we are me and my team looking Forward To it Thank you…but is seems that it is having problems with the portrait mode,major problem is with the light system…and its also has one more bug in particle System..othewise awesome editor..you are doing superb work thank you overlap2D Team…Cheers For The New Editor!!!yeah yipeee



    Thanks! we did fix some bugs related to particles – lights might have issues that I am unaware of, but if you can report an exact issue in issue tracker, you will be of a great help, and I fix it in no time. as for portrait I am not sure what the issue is. let me know so I can take a look at it. In theory there should be none.


    Brother I am Not Helping Anyone …We are Community.!!!
    I am Attaching a picture Check it out…Its in portrait Mode..480 X 800
    See image :- i can select The light from this White Circle…So Suppose if We are Having 3,4 lights whenever We Click on the Screen One Of The Light Got Selected Automatically. I am Clicking On Image and the Cursor Selects One Of The lights…

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