General Concept:

Overlap2D allows you to separate coding from visuals. The overlap development cycle goes as follows:

  1. Graphical Artist makes game assets (sprites/textures/animations/particle effects)
  2. Level designer imports all the assets into Overlap2d and composes ui elements, characters, complex objects, entire levels e.g. and exports that all as json output of your entire game content
  3. Developer uses Overlap2D open source runtime by creating empty project or integrating it with existing preferred framework to render all that stuff in game.

As a result your game content is hugely Framework/Engine and everything independent.



Using Editor

Learn to use editor software, tutorials, keybinding.

Using Runtimes

Using Overlap2D data in your game, integration, guides, everything


Creating Your Own Runtime

You have engine/framework but don’t have editor? Having editor will make your toolkit 10 times more awesome. Overlap2D can make it happen!

Fixing Editor

Learn more about architecture and how to contribute your fixes to the core editor.

Open Plugin API

Create Plugins for the editor that work with other third party data structures.


Legacy Documentation:

As we moved to new runtime and new editor, some of you might still use old stuff on old pprojects, for that I made a special page with all the legacy info and links, and docs: