Contributing to Overlap2D Editor

Welcome, brave contributors! Today your help is very much required for our great cause. We have just pushed the sources of latest editor 0.1.0 to main repo, and while it is completely super cool now, it might have some small issues here and there. And we would be happy if an army of awesome devs can find them, report them and maybe even fix them!

If you stumbled upon this page but have no idea what Overlap2D is – check out our -> Ye olde VIDEO <-


 Current State:

Overlap2D 0.1.0 is a complete rewrite of everything into something awesome, and it’s ready for you to play, report and fix bugs, or even implement new things! Because this is pretty much final architecture design, there will be no huge refactorings, and now’s the perfect time to contribute. Current architecture is very friendly to almost anything that you want to fix and implement, and is pleasure to work with!


Download it first!


Important Note:

IMPORTANT: This is a new editor that saves data in new data format. Which means that projects saved with this editor will not be working with previous runtime versions. Furthermore, at this moment the NEW runtime is not yet officially out. So DO NOT save any important existing projects with this editor, unless you kept a backup of it. Again, do not use this editor on important existing projects without making backups first.


How can I help?

There are several ways you can help us, all optional, completely up to you!

  1. The easiest one – tweet about this page to other devs, so they can get excited too!
  2. Help us find duplicate bugs in issue tracker or ones that are already obsolete/fixed for this new version.
  3. Download the JAR and play around, find bugs, and report them to our issue tracker.
  4. Not only report bugs, but maybe fix them and do pull requests to our repository?
  5. Implement new features that you either always wanted yourself or those you may find in our “most wanted” section.


Contribution workflow (important to read before you start contributing):

In order to avoid a situation where different people end up doing the same thing, or doing something that is not needed, I thought it’s a good idea to have a well defined workflow. As soon as you found a bug or issue that you want to work on, follow this workflow:

  1. Visit issue tracker first, and see if issue/feature you are reporting/requesting is already there.
    1. if it’s not there, report it first, and try to be specific.
  2. Now that we have an issue to hold on to, check if it already is assigned to someone
    1. if it has no assignee, then assign it to yourself and mention in comments that you started working on it
  3. When you are done, make a pull request mentioning the issue number you were working on.


Most Wanted List

Welcome to most wanted list! Here I will be keeping the list of most wanted features/bugs/requests that are important at this point, so that if you want to help, but have no issue/feature in mind, take one from this list! This list will be constantly updated, or maybe we will move it somewhere.

This list will be updated every day. So come back later!



Please discuss in forums.