Overlap2D – 0.1.0 (skipping 0.0.9)

  1. Complete code rewrite
  2. Now based on puremvc
  3. editors UI is fully based on scene2d
  4. switched to new under the hood runtime based on Ashley ECS
  5. Ditched old physics editor
  6. Items now can have optional property boxes
  7. added new physics property box to items
  8. added new polygon property box to items
  9. you can now add and edit new polygon to any item directly from the scene.
  10. coordinates are now in world units (meaning you get to specify how much pixels is in one world unit)
  11. switching between resolutions does not make your scene smaller, but just renders it in current quality
  12. new Guides and Rulers system allows you to be more precise (we ditched, old bounding box for resolution size)
  13. Search box for all resources (not only library items)
  14. Library items are now easier to managed added library button to composite property box
  15. Custom vars dialog now stays on top
  16. works better on small screens
  17. better zooming
  18. Position setting don’t break anymore when changing to non orig resolution
  19. Amazing new undo/redo system is almost bugless.
  20. Text items now can be created using text tool. No need to import new fonts, as we use fonts from your system.
  21. Import System is changed, now it works with Drag and Drop, and is more aware of file types, so you don’t have to specify.


Overlap2D – 0.0.8

  1. Zoom functionality added – you can now zoom with Alt+Scroll or Ctrl+- and you can default zoom with Ctrl+0
  2. 1px image import was crashing if more then one resolution exists.
  3. Tons of refactorings.
  4. New color picker and file open dialog (check out thisL: for awesome libgdx UI widgets!)
  5. Other UI changed to another UI system (with actual design changes to come soon)
  6. Ditched swing JFrame and Menu, using libGDX widgets instead.
  7. Vertical Center and Horizontal Center alignment buttons
  8. Search Box added to library list of you have many library items.
  9. Added “Recent Projects” submenu, with list of recently opened projects.


Overlap2D – 0.0.7

  1. Spriter animations importing
  2. Spriter animations runtime support
  3. Labels are now multiline and alignable
  4. Upgraded libGDX to 1.5.3
  5. Upgraded box2DLights to 1.3.0
  6. Physics mesh created on low res is no more is wrong after reload
  7. copy paste is working on other resolutions
  8. Now generating packs in resolution specified by user
  9. crash on 1 ray light fixed
  10. new particle editor generated files are now importing
  11. root element click is not crashing anymore
  12. stack trace of crash is now saved in file overlog.txt


Overlap2D – 0.0.6 – hot-fix

  1. Physics Editor adapts size for smaller screens
  2. Dynamic body related bugs.
  3. Fixed bug freezing all when middle button is pressed
  4. Fixed many reported crash bugs
  5. 9Patch now works good when you scale or set width with pixels, so you can set 9Patch sizes more precise (pixel perfect)
  6. Bug: Silly error when you write non numbers in scale value – fixed
  7. Bug: when reloading scene in small resolution light sizes get smaller and smaller – fixed
  8. You cannot select an item that is not in scope of current opened composite from node view
  9. composite size calculation is wrong when inside items have negative scales
  10. Bug: labels where adding to locked layer by default
  11. Item rotation selection rectangle is fixed
  12. Ctrl+Z was sometimes loosing progress – fixed – I apologize if someone lost progress because of this.


Overlap2D – 0.0.5

  1. Added Physics Editor, you can now set physics data such as mass/friction and also edit bounding mesh/polygon
  2. Dynamic Lights – lights now react to physics bounding meshes by dropping shadows if set to be not x-ray
  3. Runtime physics support – runtime loads physics data for all items
  4. MacBook CPU bug – changed to JGLFW backend for MacOSX, CPU does not skyrocket anymore 
  5. Asset loading architecture changed in runtime, DefaultAssetManager is removed, you can use Resourcemanager instead which is very smart.
  6. Spine and Sprite Animations now resize with project, we unpack the atlas pack, resize it and pack back for each res
  7. You can now drag screen with middle mouse button as well
  8. 9patch resizing is fixed as well as used different resize filter for pixel perfect 9patches
  9. Now you can change image scale by just typing desired width in basic properties box
  10. version manager is added, Overlap2D will now be able to upgrade old projects to new ones
  11. Label Scaling related bugs fixed
  12. DropDown is not affected by ambient light anymore
  13. Panels now can be collapsed or expanded to save up space on small screens
  14. Right click is not getting to stage through dialog boxes
  15. Scissoring composite items now works properly
  16. Added physics settings for entire scene (gravity)
  17. Fonts work proper on all resolutions
  18. you can now see list of animations of spine object
  19. deleteing old resolution is not resulting in bug anymore
  20. Align was not taking minus scales into account, now fixed
  21. now you can set rotation with number
  22. remove iscript method in runtime
  23. added tons of comments to runtime
  24. invisible layers now are not clickable as well
  25. you can set label default align from basic properties
  26. Changed Export dialog, as well as added easier export dialog settings.
  27. Delete was not working from dropdown, now fixed

Known issues:

  1. Physics is new and requires testing, might have lots of bugs, and will be fixed in next hotfix, please report all you notice
  2. Key Bindings stopped working on OSX, will bring back in next hotfix
  3. Label mouse scaling is turned off, need different approach to supoprt aligning.


Overlap2D – v 0.0.4

  1. Ambient light is now hidden if you are inside composite items
  2. Fixed asset jump to left during drag if it is too big
  3. Ambient and point/cone lights now have different checkboxes to turn on/off
  4. Library Items scrolling was buggy, now fixed
  5. New 9patch item, 9 patch importing and exporting system, 9 patch resizing for all resolutions, and proper scaling from editor
  6. Ctrl+Z is not anymore resulting in reset camera to 0 coordiante
  7. Custom Variables system for composite items (check out basic properties panel)
  8. Dialogs are now movable only when draging from top
  9. Repack button now also updates asset list
  10. Automatic composite cleaner mechanism (removes empty composite items when saved, to avoid garbage)
  11. When aligning items, selectin boxes were not updating positions
  12. Proper directory filters on image importing
  13. Sprite animation thumbnail is changed to be more graphical
  14. Sprite animations, feature to add actions and specify frame ranges
  15. FreeFontType generator integration, so you can now import TTF fonts instead of styles, in order to use labels. (will have a better asset management for this in next version)
  16. Fixed bug with missing composites from the root
  17. Fixed bug with rescaling composite inside composite with scale tool
  18. Complete change of Spine integration to be complaint with their Licensing. From now on it works using reflection, and you need to get their runtime into your project yourself for spine actors to display properly.
  19. New Node Tree view for all items on the left panel


Overlap2D – v 0.0.3


  1. Align Items functionality in left top toolbar
  2. Sprite Animations support (importing, exporting, run-time)
  3. Changed Build Buttons to Export, added key-bindings, and made dialog a bit prettier
  4. Resolution chooser auto opens now, and remembers your last choice
  5. delete scene functionality from File->Scene

Overlap2D – 0.0.2

  1. Fixed bug with “stupid” error on object move
  2. Fixed bug with some coordinate messup

Overlap2D – 0.0.1
First version ever.