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current version 0.1.3 (May 3, 2016)

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Overlap2D is an open source game UI, level and content editor.
Friendly to all engines’ frameworks and programming languages.
One and only tool for 2D games, before you get to coding.

How It Works

Overlap2D is an editor with no engine, or rather with infinite engines. It's a platform to describe your game. Here is how it works: you import a bunch of resources. Make vast level landscapes, puzzles, UI elements, effects and physics environments. Export that all to an open JSON format. And then use any engine or programming language that fits best for your game in order to bring it all together.



Render your content with any engine with custom runtimes, each optimized for their system.

Import Anything

Nine Patch Images, Sprite or Bone Animations, Particle Effects, Fonts, Shaders and more.

Custom Variables

Describe entities with custom variables, tags, identifiers to access later from your code.

Light System

Describe your scene light configuration by setting ambient light, and putting point and cone lights.

Physics and Polygons

Store physics data for any item including custom shape polygons, deal with that data as you choose.

Particle Effects

Use libGDX particles. Simply drag and drop them to the scene, rotate, scale and position to your needs.

Game UI

Assemble game UI by creating buttons, labels, texts, importing custom fonts and giving each element an ID or class name in order to find it later in your code.

Plugin API

Overlap2D is open for many third party plugins. Write your own, or explore ones written by community.

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